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What moves people to buy a product or invest in a service?

What moves them to vote for a particular political candidate or support a certain cause?

What moves them to donate to a charity, or choose a healthy snack, or save for their future?

To answer these questions effectively, you must first be able to answer these two:

Where are they Now?

(The Data)

It is critical to assess how an individual, group, or organization currently thinks, feels, chooses, and behaves. We can accomplish this through a variety of means, but the most effective include a precise combination of surveys, one-on-one interviews, focus groups, and scientific studies.

what moves people to change?

(The Expertise)

This is where the power of psychology and behavioral science comes into play. Once we have a firm grasp on the patterns that define how our target group thinks, feels, chooses, and behaves, we can develop scientifically-informed strategies that will optimize our chances of successfully moving them to do so differently.

The bottom line

Influence 51 is dedicated to using data to help our clients better understand where their target markets, audiences, and clients are, and leveraging that data to help them design scientifically-informed strategies that optimize the chances of moving them to where they want them to be; by shaping their attitudes, shifting their decisions, and changing their behavior.

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What we do


Corporate Assessments and Strategy Development (External)

Does your brand elicit the associations you want it to? How are your products or services perceived relative to your competitors? We offer Competitive Landscape Analyses, Brand Perception Assessments, Brand and Narrative Development, Testing, and Refinement, Choice Environment Testing and Product Positioning, as well as Communications (i.e. Message and Ad) Creation, Testing, and Refinement to ensure you know how people see your company, your offerings, and how you can change those perceptions.

    Corporate Assessments and Strategy Development (Internal)

How engaged and productive are your employees? How happy are they, and how much could their mood be impacting motivation and output? How can you optimize the chances that your employees adhere to the new policy, procedure or protocol? We offer Employee Engagement, Health, and Satisfaction Assessments to determine the state of your workforce as well as Compliance Strategy Development and Testing to ensure you’re doing all you can to keep engagement, motivation, and compliance high.

Sales, Communications, and Marketing Teams
Organizational Leaders and People Managers

Political Assessments and Strategy Development

What are the most important issues to the voters in your election? How do they perceive you versus your competitors? Which groups are most likely to head to the polls on election day and what can you do to win their loyalty? We offer Competitive Landscape Analyses, Communications (i.e. Message and Ad) Development and Testing, and Voter Turnout Strategy Development and Testing to ensure you know your voters and transform your campaign into the one they’re eager to support.

   Charity and Non-Profit Assessments and Strategy Development

Why do people donate to charities and non-profits? What are the most important factors influencing a donation decision? Is it the cause itself? Or the perceived urgency surrounding the cause? Or perhaps the way the cause resonates with your potential donors? We offer Donor Landscape Analyses to understand who your potential donors are and what they look for in a worthy cause as well as Communications (i.e. Message and Ad) Development and Testing to ensure you position your cause effectively.

Political Campaigns and Lobbying Firms
Charities, Non-Profits, and Fundraising Causes

Health Attitude, Behavior, and Decision-Making Pattern Analysis and Intervention Development

Do you know why many people choose to eat poorly, exercise infrequently, and schedule check-ups and health screenings irregularly even though they know better? Or why some people fail to heed their doctor’s instructions? We offer Health Attitude, Behavior, and Decision-Making Pattern Analyses to determine why people are making sub-optimal health choices as well as Intervention Development to address these causes and correct the behavior.

Financial Attitude, Behavior, and Decision-Making Pattern Analysis and Intervention Development

Do you know why many people spend erratically even when they know it impedes their long-term financial goals? Or why many have trouble saving regularly or paying their bills on time despite having the resources to do so? We offer Financial Attitude, Behavior, and Decision-Making Pattern Analyses to determine why people are making sub-optimal financial choices as well as Intervention Development to address these causes and correct the behavior.


Legal Argument Development, Testing, and Refinement

Are your arguments resonating with a judge or jury in the manner you hope they would? Does your reasoning come off as sound and your delivery persuasive? Are there more effective ways you could be framing your facts or presenting your data? We offer Legal Argument Development, Testing, and Refinement to ensure that you have developed the most effective combination of language, lines of reasoning, and delivery style to make your argument a winning one.

Restaurant Menu Restructuring and Optimization

Why do people choose certain items on the menu and not others? Is it because of the overall price or the price relative to the other dishes? How much do the descriptions we choose matter in swaying a purchasing decision? And does menu position matter? Your menu is your silent salesperson, and we offer Menu Restructuring and Optimization services to ensure that your silent salesperson is executing their job in the most effective and profitable manner possible.

Trial Lawyers

alternate Engagement Modalities

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Speaking Opportunities

For clients looking for an educational immersion into the subject matter, keynotes are an ideal option.

Advisory Services

For clients in search of a consultative partnership, advisory services would be well-suited to your needs.

Professional Trainings

For clients wishing to equip their teams with a repertoire of skills, trainings are sure to serve well.

Coaching Sessions

For clients hoping to receive individualized, one-on-one attention, coaching sessions are the perfect choice.


select testimonials

Using psychological strategies to influence attitudes and behavior might sound overwhelming, but JonRobert has consistently made it easy for us to understand and apply. As professionals who spend their days trying to build relationships and impact decision-making, his insights are invaluable.
— Michael Geary, CEO, SMPS
JonRobert is absolutely of my most highly-rated and requested consultants.
— LeeMichael McLean, Director, Vizient
JonRobert is engaging, articulate, and intelligent...I have to be honest: I’ve taken part in many trainings, but what I learned in just two hours with JonRobert was memorable, significant, and incredibly relevant.
— Jill Fink, Executive Director, Food Moxie
JonRobert has presented at our 2017 Florida Restaurant & Lodging Show, 2018 International Restaurant & Foodservice Show of New York, and is returning as a speaker for the 2019 New York Restaurant Show! Our attendees have consistently say he delivers ‘one of the best seminars’ and is ‘one of the best speakers at our expo.’ He provides a very unique insight that is extremely valuable in understanding consumer psychology which you can incorporate in any industry. His sessions are not to be missed!
— Patricia Copela, Conference and Special Events Manager, Clarion UX
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What moves people? This is the question that drives the work Mr. Tartaglione does. Trained as both a psychologist and behavioral scientist, he partners with some of the world’s most powerful organizations to help them better understand how to influence attitudes, decisions, and behavior. Co-author of the Nautilus Award-winning book Our Search for Belonging: How Our Need to Connect is Tearing Us Apart, he holds a Master's (MSc) with Distinction in Social Cognition from University College London as well as a Master's (MA) in the Social Sciences (with a concentration in Behavioral Economics and Political Psychology) from The University of Chicago.

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