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Whether you’re operating a business, managing a political campaign, or organizing a fundraising event, your goal is ultimately identical: to influence others. The problem, of course, is that humans, when viewed individually, are remarkably complex. Each consumer, employee, voter, or potential donor is unique, possessing his or her own preferences, motivations, and behavioral profiles.

Humans as a whole, however, are far more predictable. There are a variety of factors that consistently influence how people think, behave, and ultimately make decisions. When you understand these factors, you can better influence these processes.

That's where I come in. At its core, what I do is simple: I teach people about people. More specifically, I teach my clients how to apply insights from psychological and behavioral science to optimize their chances of success in a variety of industry-specific objectives. I show organizational leaders, sales and marketing professionals, campaign managers, fundraising charities, trial lawyers, and many others how to think like psychological strategists. In doing so, I provide them with a tremendous competitive advantage.


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Using psychological strategies to influence attitudes and behavior might sound overwhelming, but JonRobert has consistently made it easy for us to understand and apply. As professionals who spend their days trying to build relationships and impact decision-making, his insights are invaluable.
— Michael Geary, CEO, SMPS
JonRobert is absolutely of my most highly-rated and requested consultants.
— LeeMichael McLean, Director, Vizient
JonRobert is engaging, articulate, and intelligent...I have to be honest: I’ve taken part in many trainings, but what I learned in just two hours with JonRobert was memorable, significant, and incredibly relevant.
— Jill Fink, Executive Director, Food Moxie
JonRobert has presented at our 2017 Florida Restaurant & Lodging Show, 2018 International Restaurant & Foodservice Show of New York, and is returning as a speaker for the 2019 New York Restaurant Show! Our attendees have consistently say he delivers ‘one of the best seminars’ and is ‘one of the best speakers at our expo.’ He provides a very unique insight that is extremely valuable in understanding consumer psychology which you can incorporate in any industry. His sessions are not to be missed!
— Patricia Copela, Conference and Special Events Manager, Clarion UX
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Client Portfolio

Organizational Leaders and People Managers

Organizational Leaders and People Managers

Become a more effective people leader by understanding how humans think and behave, as well as how to leverage strategies such as nudging, social norm adherence, and mimicry to optimize your influence potential.

Political Campaigns and Lobbying Firms

Political Campaigns and Lobbying Firms

Earn a larger share of votes by better understanding the psychology that underlies political decision-making and how to more potently influence voters by using techniques such as metaphorical and linguistic framing.



Influence your customers to spend more and leave happier by employing techniques such as anchoring, choice architecture, and training your wait staff on how to use tactics such as arguing against self-interest.


   Charities, Non-Profits, and Fundraising Causes

Charities, Non-Profits, and Fundraising Causes

Understand the psychological mechanisms that influence an individual to donate to a cause as well as how to maximize donation activity by engendering competitive altruism and harnessing the identifiable victim effect.

    Sales, Communications, and Marketing Teams

Sales, Communications, and Marketing Teams

Learn how to communicate more effectively and sell more convincingly by minimizing psychological reactance, improving instantaneous evaluations of trust, and employing tactics such as priming.

Trial Lawyers

Trial Lawyers

Learn how to better persuade members of a jury by understanding how to instantaneously enhance their evaluations of your warmth and competence and how to use phenomena such as cognitive dissonance to win cases.


Engagement Modalities

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Speaking Opportunities

For clients looking for an educational immersion into the subject matter, keynotes are an ideal option.

Advisory Services

For clients in search of a consultative partnership, advisory services would be well-suited to your needs.

Professional Trainings

For clients wishing to equip their teams with a repertoire of skills, trainings are sure to serve well.

Coaching Sessions

For clients hoping to receive individualized, one-on-one attention, coaching sessions are the perfect choice.




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What moves people? This is the question that drives the work Mr. Tartaglione does. Trained as both a psychologist and behavioral scientist, he partners with some of the world’s most powerful organizations to help them better understand how to influence attitudes, decisions, and behavior. Co-author of Our Search for Belonging: How Our Need to Connect is Tearing Us Apart, he holds a Master's (MSc) with Distinction in Social Cognition from University College London as well as a Master's (MA) in the Social Sciences (with a concentration in Behavioral Economics and Political Psychology) from The University of Chicago.

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